“So eat of that (meat) upon which Allah's name has been mentioned, if you are believers in His verses” (Al-Anaam 6:118)        “And do not eat that upon which the name of Allah has not been mentioned, for indeed it is a grave disobedience”. Al-Anaam 6:121)         “O Messengers, eat from the pure foods and work righteousness” (Al-Mumenoon 23:51)        “A body nourished with Haram will not enter Jannah”. (Tirmidhi, related by Ka`b Ibn Ujrah RA)        “That flesh will not enter Paradise which has grown from Haram, and all that flesh which has grown from Haram, the fire (of hell) is more worthy of it.” (Ahmed, Darimi, Baihaqi, related by Jabir RA)
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Cambridge branch of Subwa
01 May 2014 A Cambridge branch of the sandwich chain Subway is s Readmore..

In order to streamline, unify and standardize Halal certification procedure and operation in India, Blossom Media Private Limited incorporated Halal Council of India. Its certification is acceptable to the importers, suppliers and the Muslim consumers at large due to its high reputation and religious credibility and integrity. We are committed to achieve excellence in consultation, issuing Halal compliance certification, independent Auditing and Monitoring systems.
Our parent company Blossom Media is the World's second after Ogilvy & Noor and India’s only India's only media, research advisory and consultancy firm on emerging Muslim consumer market. Blossom Media is the publisher of India’s only Muslim Lifestyle Magazine ‘Muallim’ circulated worldwide. We are the official research partner of US based DinarStandard & Singapore based Crescent Rating for their joint study on ‘Global Muslim Lifestyle Travel Market 2012:Landscape & Consumer Needs Study’
To become an influential Halal Certification centre recognized nationally and internationally.
  • To help people giving them healthy and hygienic food to have and to lead a better life.
  • To examine, certify and regulate all food and consumer products and survives in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To train individuals, who may be able to inspect the product as per norms laid down before issuing certificate by the Trust.
  • To promote export and consumption of Halal products throughout world.
  • To work for protection and safety of environment with due regard to right to survival to all living beings and to prevent cruelty to animals.

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