Maulana Ubaidur Rahman Qasmi - CEO

Master of Islamic Theology

Bachelor of Management Studies

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A Master in Islamic Theology (Aalim) from Darul Uloom Deoband holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with

specialization in Finance along with MA (Economics) from University of Mumbai. Apart from his 10 of years experience in the field of media and journalism he has vast and varied experience in business development, management, corporate finance and compliance.

He is the editor-in-chief of ‘Muallim’ and English monthly that features the lifestyle of Muslim community from around the world. Muallim has been launched successfully in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by the Consul General of India and awarded best magazine title in International magazine exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2017 by the World Periodical Union.

He is an active member of Islamic Investment and Finance Board of India, Founder Trustee of Jamia Abul Qasim (S.A.W.) Educational and Charitable Trust, Managing Trustee of Muallim Foundation and member of advisory board of Bilal English School, Mumbai

Ziaullah Nomani - V.P. Operations

M.A. (Islamic Studies),

Bachelor of Media Communication

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PGD in Marketing Management and Bachelor of Mass Communication Media, he has been in the field of media from the last 10

years. Nomani is director handling Marketing and public relation vertical for Blossom Media. He is an experienced media person with sound knowledge of reporting, business development strategies, result-oriented entrepreneur.

Before starting Blossom Media in 2012, he was worked with Mid-day Multimedia Ltd in the capacity of sub-editor, Business Development Officer with ICFAI Universities Finance magazine “The Analyst”, Marketing Manager with Pragmatic Wealth Management, offering Shariah Compliant investment. He also has worked for events and exhibition industry.


Mufti Muzammil Qasmi (Teacher Darul Uloom Deoband)

Fatwa Consultant

Maulana Abdur Rahman Qasmi - Shariah Consultant

M.A. Arabic

Research Scholar, Mumbai University


Ansari Tauheed

Hospitality and Tourism

B.Sc. Hotel and Tourism Management

Tanwir Alam (M.Pharm)

Health & Herbal Products

Sharjeel Shaikh - Food & Beverages

MSc. Life science

Moinuddin Shaikh - IT